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[Comments] (10) Leonard's Tips For Slovenly Living #2: If you run out of human soap, you can probably wash yourself with dish soap.

I haven't tried this one either, but I might have to soon.


Posted by Sean Neakums at Sun Feb 08 2004 12:28

On the few occasions I have washed my hands with dish soap, the result was acceptable. Clean right down to the squeak!

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 08 2004 14:29

I washed my hair with dishsoap once. We were camping and I got tree sap in it. It actually worked really well at getting the sap out, but my hair was all tangled.

Posted by Brendan at Sun Feb 08 2004 17:04

"Human Soap" makes me think of Fight Club.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 08 2004 18:53

That comment reminds me of THE LIVING SOAP.

Posted by rachel at Sun Feb 08 2004 22:59

Shall I send you soap? which scent would you prefer?

Posted by 99.9% pure pedro at Mon Feb 09 2004 01:47

In my experience, dish soap is much harder to wash off my hands than human soap. I have dry, sensitive skin (the kind they talk about on commercials) and notice these things. Also, when dish soap gets into the cracks on my aforementioned dry, sensitive skin, it hurts like an absolute mofo. I don't think you want to get it into your eyes. Isn't there some kind of bar soap delivery service in Little Rock or something?

Posted by Kevan at Mon Feb 09 2004 06:39

Someone was having a bath in washing-up liquid in a book I've just read (Ian Rankin's "The Falls"), it being a thing from the character's childhood, and presumably not completely improvised:-

"You came in muddy from the football pitch, and it was a hot bath with washing-up liquid. It wasn't that the family couldn't afford bubble-bath: 'It's just washing-up liquid at a posh price,' his mother had said."

(I couldn't remember which book it was at all, or if I'd just made it up - Amazon content searching is *amazing*.)

Posted by 99.9% pure+pedro at Mon Feb 09 2004 09:12

you know, I think we did use dish soap in the bath tub as kids -- but that's different than squirting a blob into your hand and trying to wash with it.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Feb 09 2004 11:00

Rachel, don't send me soap. I'll feel even more like a slob. When I absolutely run out of soap I'll make a trip to the store and get more.

Posted by .1 % unpure pedro at Mon Feb 09 2004 11:54

What he means is, "when the dish soap runs out."

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