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[Comments] (2) Game Roundup Is The Place To Be: As part of my reacclimation to my canonical life, I've prepared a Game Roundup for you. Lots of game clones in this roundup: just about every game here is a clone of another game or belongs to a well-established genre. This does not bode well. I've got about 25 more games to review before I'm all caught up, though, and fewer of them are clones.

Today's winner: The Bub's Brothers, hands down. It gets the traditional prize of a limerick:

While playing that game with a bubble
My keyboard was worn to a nubble
So much time had elapsed
Civilization collapsed
And I was surrounded by rubble


Posted by Richard at Wed Feb 25 2004 20:02

"Then you get in your little yellow submarine and shoot missiles at fish (Seriously! Was that in the original? ...)"

Yes, it was :)

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Feb 26 2004 20:07

I am in agreement on this "humans replaced with cars" thing. I wanted to have a skateboarding game, where you're a car instead of a guy on a skateboard. You could grind on rails using your undercarriage, and when you go up a ramp and fly into the air, you could open your door or pop the trunk. That trick might be called a 720 Trunk McPop.

I got nothing.

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