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[Comments] (6) Dog Shows: What's the point of dog shows? It seems like a worship of the Platonic form, made ridiculous by the fact that the Platonic forms were artificially created by selective breeding. It's not like people are still coming up with new avant-garde breeds of dog.

I can understand county fairs where people show off their enormous pumpkins, because at least you can eat pumpkins.


Posted by Frances at Tue Mar 09 2004 12:13

I think people actually ARE coming up with new avante garde breeds of dogs. Hillary just bought a puppy specially bred to look like one in some famous old portrait of royalty.

Also cats. There are now "Ragdoll" kitties and "Applehead" Siamese.

Posted by Brendan at Tue Mar 09 2004 12:25

Yup. Cockapoos and labradoodles.

That article also claims that "research has discovered that all dogs are descended from six domesticated wolves from Canada," which explains why my dog still runs into the same glass door.

Posted by Mark A. Hershberger at Tue Mar 09 2004 15:13

You can't eat dogs?

Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 09 2004 17:01

You can't go to dog shows and say "Man, I'd love to eat that dog!"

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Tue Mar 09 2004 18:26

How do you know? Have you ever tried?

Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 09 2004 18:49

That was the time I got on the Yahoo photo wire but didn't talk about it.

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