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[Comments] (3) The First Monkey, Or, Lack Of Practice Makes Perfect: Recently I discovered that I'm a lot better at playing the guitar than I was when I left to work on the campaign. In the intervening time I didn't practice at all. How did this happen? Was what I was doing homomorphic to playing guitar? Did I gain generally enhanced reflexes? It's a little scary, like discovering that you're slowly turning into Spider-Man.

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Posted by Sigmunda Freudina at Mon Mar 22 2004 13:36

The same way you subsconsciously absorb knowledge by sleeping with a book under your pillow.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Mar 22 2004 14:55

That's never worked for me

Posted by Idea at Thu Apr 22 2004 13:02

Perhaps it is because you actually listened to music in the car on the way back from Ark, the way you never do! Yes, that is it.

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