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[Comments] (4) An Atom of Sense: Getting back to NewsBruiser development. I made a bunch of comment-related fixes and I just finished adding Atom syndication support. If people are going to make my life difficult by making up new syndication formats, I might as well play along. Still need to fix the longstanding timezone problem with the timestamps: I'll do that tomorrow and then cut a release.

New comment features: you can automatically shut down comments on old entries, and you can turn on comments for specific entries instead of for the whole site.

Joe says that there was a glowing review of NewsBruiser in the UK magazine Linux Format. Since they don't do aspiring weblog software authors the favor of putting their glowing reviews online, Joe is sending me the magazine and I'm gonna type it up. And as long as we're discussing Linux magazines with weird names, how about India's Linux For You?

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Posted by rachel at Tue Mar 23 2004 09:40

does this have anything to do with the fact that one of my entries sez I have 2 comments yet there are no comments there?

Posted by Brendan at Tue Mar 23 2004 10:03

Aww, man, now I'm going to have to upgrade. I'm scared!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 23 2004 10:13

Rachel, yes, it does. There was a bug that I had to fix. If you edit that entry, the comments will show up. You don't have to change anything, just click the edit button.

Brendan, to upgrade NewsBruiser you just untar the new version into the NewsBruiser directory. You don't have to run any scripts or anything.

Posted by Brendan at Tue Mar 23 2004 11:37

I know, but the last time I tried to touch my software it meant I had to go all of September in enforced separation from it. Granted, this had everything to do with my webhost and nothing to do with NB, but I'm skittish.

I will finally upgrade if you cut a new release, though. And probably send you desperate emails soon afterwards.

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