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[Comments] (2) Do You Fondue?: Recently I've been experimenting with fondue. Tonight I achieved the level of competency required to start experimenting and not need a recipe, and also discovered the ultimate fondue dip vegetable--artichokes! Other vegetables have failed for me in fondue, but I tried boiled artichokes tonight and it was great.

Give it a try. It's easy and artichokes are cheap right now. You don't need a special set--just make it in a saucepan and dip the bread or whatever in with forks. Cheap non-trendy fondue!

Next time: hearty ad hoc soup that inevitably makes my housemate say "this is squash?". Like I would lie about squash, and it's really caramel.

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Posted by Adam at Mon Apr 12 2004 11:06

Have you tried asparagus? Sabrina and I find the combination of this savory vegetable and a good gruyere/emmenthal fondue to be quite delicious. The only disadvantage is that the asparagus spears tend to resist being stabbed by the fondue fork thingy, so we usually have to use our fingers.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Apr 12 2004 12:13

I did try asparagus, the first time I made fondue. It didn't work very well, but maybe it was my fault. The fondue was runny (I used low-fat cheese by mistake) and the asparagus smelled bad (not steamed well enough?). The combination: not good.

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