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[Comments] (5) Hm, I Don't See A Betazoid Option: If my previous entry on the topic wasn't enough excitement for you, you can up and get married at Star Trek: The Experience, surrounded by well-wishing Klingons and Ferengi (what, no Species 8472?). You might think this was a great idea, especially for a fanboy like me, but their implementation hits a lot of wrong notes.

This isn't like a drive-up Elvis chapel that you do on the spur of the moment. You have to schedule this thing. And if you're deranged enough to want a Star Trek wedding, you're deranged enough to go on and on with your nitpicking and ruin it. Little details like the fact that your Star Trek wedding is nothing like a Star Trek wedding. None of the long-suffering Starfleet officers attending your wedding are in their dress uniforms, and you're getting married on the bridge--not the best place on a starship for a wedding, since people tend to be there trying to get work done. The sample pictures have people in 21st-century wedding clothes standing in front of the putative Enterprise viewscreen, making it look like they're negotiating with the Romulans over mineral rights. What should be an immersive experience ends up making you feel like an anachronism in someone else's world.

Well, that's my preemptive review. When I actually get married there I'll let you know how it went.


Posted by Suggester at Wed Apr 21 2004 22:47

Miles and Keiko got married in Ten-Forward. Lwaxana almost got married there. Worf, if I recall correctly, snarled his commitment words to K'Ehleyr on a holodeck. Can't recall any other canonical role models for setting.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Apr 21 2004 23:08

In Nemesis Riker and Troi got married either outside or in a holodeck simulation of outside. Sisko married Cassidy Yates in a big conference room or something. Worf and (Jadzia) Dax got married but I didn't see that episode. They probably did some Klingon thing in a holosuite, with painsticks.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Apr 21 2004 23:45

So how was the wedding?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Apr 22 2004 01:39

What are you implying, my good sir?

Posted by Brendan at Thu Apr 22 2004 08:48

Ha ha! See, at Betazoid weddings everybody's naked.

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