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[Comments] (8) : Does anyone, under any circumstances, wear a top hat anymore? No one I can think of except people pretending to be people from the past.

Update: the consensus is: "People at weddings, sometimes, and also me if they weren't so expensive."


Posted by frances at Sat May 08 2004 13:29

last I can remember is the one John F. Kennedy wore at his inauguration.

And the Planter's Peanut.

Posted by Sean Neakums at Sat May 08 2004 14:29

They seem to be still worn with morning suits to weddings.

Posted by Brendan at Sat May 08 2004 15:16

I have seen tails at a wedding, but never a top hat. A couple of guys wore them to proms in high school, but they didn't keep them on to dance.
I would wear one, if I could afford one.

Posted by Rachel at Sat May 08 2004 16:23

I remember seeing Laura's uncle, who is a barrister, coming back from a fancy occasion once, and I believe he had a top hat.

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sun May 09 2004 03:36

If I could find a collapsable tophat to fit my budget, and a matching cane, I'd wear one all the time.

Posted by Brendan at Sun May 09 2004 09:19

Yeah, collapsible is really the only way to go. You get to do that neat flick-POP thing, plus if you're short on flatware you can use it as an emergency plate (I do this with my own hat all the time).

Posted by Susie at Sun May 09 2004 22:36

Larry the Cucumber sings a whole song about his in Veggie Tales, Silly Song.s

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