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[Comments] (2) Python Question: Is there a Python library that's like the standard time library, except it can handle dates before 1900? It's not for myself that I ask; it's for a friend. Guido mocks his pain. Can't you help?

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Posted by Kevan at Mon May 17 2004 03:49

This just floated past me on the Internet, but the documentation seems a bit vague - any use?


Posted by Leonard at Tue May 18 2004 07:49

The main usefulness of that library to us is that unlike python's time library it can correctly print out timezones, but I already spent some agonizing time getting that to work in NewsBruiser, so we're not in any immediate need of using that library (though it would let me get rid of some code).

To actually get the times, it uses time.localtime() and its struct-tm-returning ilk, so it's not going to know about pre-1900 dates any more than regular Python will.

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