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[Comments] (3) Shameless Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Wherever there are petty, disgruntled Moveable Type users there is an audience for my rabble-rousing. Check out my weblog software, NewsBruiser. It probably does what you want; it's easy to install, upgrade, and hack; and it's open source and written in Python. Also, declare yourself emperor while the real emperor is away inspecting the border with Gaul! It's easy and fun!

PS: There must be a more effective way to do this?

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Posted by Jeremy Penner at Fri May 14 2004 11:35

I get the NewsBruiser theme song in my head more often than the Transformers theme song.

I think that's a win for you.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Fri May 14 2004 17:21

I do too.

Leonard, you might be able to take advantage of the current
criticism over MT's fees (see slashdot article) to attract
some new NewsBruiser users. I myself am thinking of adopting
NewsBruiser because my current software is creating psychological
obstacles for me updating my site (and I'm starting to get

I wanted to post about the top hats but I haven't found the reference I was looking for.

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 14 2004 18:02

I think it's possible to take advantage of the situation, but I'm not sure how. I don't want to go to people's houses and berate them (or, indeed, berate them over any medium). As I've mentioned before I'm very bad at self-promotion.

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