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[Comments] (4) Hummus Corollary: I know this is turning into the hummus weblog (I actually had an interesting entry to post yesterday, but at the last minute I discovered my data was wrong so I have to redo it today), but it transpired that Mark was also making hummus and that, in a corollary to my blender/food processor law of hummus, it turns out that if you have a real food processor instead of a dinky 2-cup "microprocessor", you can make hummus in the processor only. Mark likes his hummus a little chunky, though.

Also, even though it might sound clever, don't bring your hummus to the party in a leftover Trader Joe's hummus container, or people will unintentionally insult your wondrous hummus by thinking it's the grainy Trader Joe's stuff.

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Posted by Brendan at Mon May 24 2004 04:10

Hummus kills commentary.

Posted by Lovers of the Stinking Rose at Mon May 24 2004 05:05


Posted by zztzed at Mon May 24 2004 17:14

I misread "hummus" there as "humans" several times.

Posted by Leonard at Mon May 24 2004 17:56

I came to this planet with a simple dream; a dream of killing all hummus.

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