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[Comments] (4) Beautiful: At last, a solution to the eternal question "Where is your RSS feed?". Admittedly it creates the new question "Why is your RSS feed a big letdown from what I was led to believe by your RSS button?". But isn't that a much more interesting question? (From Sumana)

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu May 27 2004 17:46

Okay, now tell me: where did your RSS feed go?

I'm getting 404s.

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 28 2004 09:58

Hmm? I tried all 3 URLs it's known at and didn't find any problem. Which one were you using?

All the URLs went 404 while Kevin was upgrading the server, but I don't think they winked out one at a time such that you would be missing the RSS feed but able to post a comment about it.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Fri May 28 2004 11:31

Okay, well, it seems to have sorted itself out now.

But up until a quarter to 11 last night, I was getting these:

ERROR:root:Update failed for (Error: 404)

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 28 2004 15:07

Yeah, that sounds like the webserver machine being upgraded.

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