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[Comments] (6) Spam Microfiction: Man, this is pretty good:

arizona,and he accompanied,audrey,he went down,meadowland,some inexplicable loathing,checkmate,ratslayers mutilated face.

I kind of wish I'd written it.

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Posted by Brendan at Fri May 28 2004 19:12

So... many... band names!

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Fri May 28 2004 22:03

For a long time I have wanted to write a full story that was one short sentence, and be able to evoke everything I wanted to in a short story in that sentence. That's pretty close. I think it's Stephen King microfiction.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sat May 29 2004 18:57

Carlos Laviola pasted this gem into #tron today:

Posted by Joe at Mon May 31 2004 04:29

Are you sure that's not a Radiohead lyric? R.E.M. perhaps?

Posted by jrobbins at Fri Jun 04 2004 00:36

I got a spam today with this random text in it:

Posted by jrobbins at Fri Jun 04 2004 00:39

For some reason, only the first line of my post showed up :(

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