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[Comments] (2) A Winner Is Me: Hurrah! I won the Checkerboard Nightmare contest, which means I get to control the content of Checkerboard Nightmare for a storyline's worth of strips. I may also be able to get Kris to draw some of the one-off strips for which I keep sending him scripts.

I'm surprised I wasn't disqualified for going to college with Kris, but since the 'contest' was actually just a thinly disguised auction there was little room for favoritism.

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Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Jun 02 2004 15:25

I'm not sure under what pretense I could have disqualified anyone, given that it boiled down to "how much change you have on you."

Posted by Leonard at Wed Jun 02 2004 16:08

What if I paid you in immaterial "electronic money"... wait, I did. Man, you're lenient.

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