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[Comments] (9) : Doing a lot of shopping today in preparation for my move. I'm going to have the most awesome kitchen on Earth. To this end I have been buying specialized devices that allow me to destroy kitchens more awesome than mine. Some say I've gone too far. I disagree.


Posted by Rachel at Sun Jun 13 2004 18:14


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sun Jun 13 2004 18:18

My brother moved down to the bay area last night, and we went to Cole Fox on fourth to get keys made for him. Whom did we meet but leonardr! (He says he's leonardr everywhere, which I assume includes voter registration and prison records.)

He was trying in vain to pull a padlock off the rack, but the clever folks at Cole Fox had locked the locks to the rack so as to prevent any pickpockets from locking entirely separate items to any other entirely separate items.

Posted by Susie at Sun Jun 13 2004 20:07

I'm jealous; I want the most awesome kitchen on Earth.

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sun Jun 13 2004 20:53

Luckily I have nothing to worry about.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Jun 14 2004 09:08

I suggest a set of wheels on telescoping legs, thus allowing your kitchen to drive directly over other, lesser kitchens.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Jun 14 2004 12:00

once again, leonardr, i beseech you to not wate time and money and valuable resources on a garlic press. spending money on good knives is worth it, and you know what's a good gadget? a salad spinner. you wouldn't think so but take it from me- it's nice.

Posted by Jacob at Mon Jun 14 2004 12:00

that was me.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jun 14 2004 13:33

Jake, do not worry. I didn't buy a garlic press. I haven't used the garlic press at my current house for about eight months. It's too much fun to smash garlic with something heavy.

I did buy a salad spinner. I have been using the one at my current house for a long time, and it's great.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 14 2004 18:16

I love my garlic press! I lament the 4 college years I spent wishing I had one. But then again, my knives suck, and I like the idea of actual garlic juice in my food.

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