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[Comments] (1) : Long, retrospective Ars Technica interview with Scott Collins of the Mozilla Foundation, where he's quoted as saying "Well, you can't put 50 pounds of [crap] in a ten pound bag." Then later he says "I checked in stuff that broke the tree on two occasions and the same guy fixed my [crap] twice," except Ars Technica didn't censor it that time. I don't know, I just notice these things. This makes me think that they didn't censor it the first time and he said something obscure like "50 pounds of myxomitoxic bread."

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Jun 17 2004 00:18

That seems to follow the current train of thought regarding expletives. Most censors tend to redact a curse word when it is used in its strict denotational sense. "The bride and groom [redacted] on their wedding night." or "A toilet is for [redacted]." or even sometimes "Below his waist, to the rear, you will find his [redacted]"

But they'll leave in a hearty "[redacted] you" or "That's total [redacted]" or "Don't be an [redacted]." because they're using a more casual, abstract sense of each term.

Of course, in order to discuss this subject on the air, the examples above have often been uncensored for documentaries on censorship.

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