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[Comments] (4) Endorsement: Let me heartily endorse Alton Brown's recipe for chocolate mousse. It uses gelatin instead of egg protein to thicken the mousse, which means you can't serve it to someone who doesn't eat gelatin (I guess you could use agar-agar), but which also means it's about three times easier to make than the standard Joy of Cooking one with the eggs. (Actually, I should try that one again.)

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Posted by Frances at Sat Jun 26 2004 14:01

I believe that, technically, if it's made with geletin instead of eggs, it is a Bavarian and not a mousse.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Jun 26 2004 14:25

Bavarian then. Tastes like a mousse.

Posted by jcoab brenendes at Sun Jun 27 2004 00:47

hey boss, you never mention meat in your food posts, so let me say, if you're a vegtarian, gelatin is right out. please be aware that you'll rarely hear food fussiness out of me, and i only make a point of it because i suspect there are a decent number of "vegetarians" who eat gelatin, which is totally animal flesh. and because i want to popularize other gelatin-replacers, like agar agar, because maybe by doing so i will bring about more vegetarian versions of the delicious gummi worms, penguins, sharks, peaches, frogs and so forth i honestly miss.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jun 27 2004 01:48

I'm not quite a vegetarian, but because I cook for me and Sumana almost everything I cook is vegetarian, which is why I don't have any meat recipes. Sumana is one of the vegetarians who eats gelatin, so I use gelatin sometimes. Agar-agar never occured to me until I was writing that entry; I'll give it a try.

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