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[Comments] (2) : Finally got my fancy-schmancy Shun knives (Shun knives? But I need knives!) My kitchen is now complete! Except I'm storing my knives in a drawer and I want to store them in some other way, but I'm not happy with any of the knife-storage methods that currently exist. Are there knife blocks that have a hinge so you can open them and clean them? I've only got 3 knives, so I don't need a whole block, but a hinged case would be really neat.


Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Wed Jul 14 2004 14:34

I think the best way to store kitchen knives is to get those spring-loaded holsters that villians always have attached to their forearms under their jacket. Then you just tense your muscles right and the kitchen knife you need comes flying into your hands.

I'm sure there are some safety issues that have to be worked out, but after that, woohoo!

Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 14 2004 17:48

I have a knife block that came with my knives ($10.71 on clearance at Target) and I've never thought "I wish I could open this and clean it." My knives are clean and dry when they go in.

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