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[Comments] (2) Attention George Moffitt: I can't email you; something between me and you does not like recipient. The answer to your question is to append ?content=lofi to the URL of the RSS feed. Also, if you're running off a CVS checkout, update plugins/entry/render/syndicate and it'll do exactly what you want instead of a lame approximation.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Jul 15 2004 21:23

Whoops. That was my bad: a bogus spam filter rule in mailman was creating a mail loop (a problem in mailman, actually) that killed exim. You must have caught zork at a time when the mail loop was causing problems but before exim gave up and crashed. I'm catching up on the backup MX now.

Posted by George Moffitt at Sat Jul 17 2004 04:43

:< It erased my blagroll again!

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