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[Comments] (3) Good Move: EFF renaming Share-In to Freedom Fest. Share-In? Who was sharing? With whom? It made no sense. Anyway, I went to the Share-In and it didn't work out.

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Posted by Riana at Tue Jul 20 2004 18:31

And no wonder they re-named it, since it's awfully hard to share in an event that happens in Golden Gate Park during rush hour in the middle of the week.

As you can tell, I won't be sharing.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Tue Jul 20 2004 19:23

This year's Freedom Fest is happening in Yerba Buena Garrrdens during rush hour in the middle of the week. It's just about one block from the Powell Street BART station.

Posted by Riana at Wed Jul 21 2004 12:09

Oops! Parrrdon me.

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