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[Comments] (2) Herbivore: This concludes my trilogy of reviews of the three famous vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco. (See Milennium, Greens.) Herbivore is much better than Milennium but much not-as-good-as Greens. However of the three it's the cheapest and the most accessible from BART; it's equidistant between the 16th and 24th street Mission stations.

I had ravioli with pesto, because I'm all pesto mania this week (tune in later for the exciting conclusion, to take place tonight). The ravioli was great and the pesto was just OK. There was some cheese substitute they put in the pesto. They should have just left the cheese out. And I should have ordered the lentil loaf instead; it looked pretty good even though it was a vegan copy of a dish that is itself pretty weird.

Sumana had some big french fries and some tacos. I tasted the guacamole on her tacos and it was great.

I got German chocolate cake for dessert. It was really good and I got full before I could finish the slice, which means that I'm being satisfied by smaller portions of sweets, which is good.

We ate dinner with Sumana's old friend John Morearty, and his wife. We recommended movies at each other; one Lone Star for one Spirited Away. Universal touchstone of I've-been-meaning-to-watch-that: The Man in the White Suit.


Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Sat Jul 31 2004 04:01

Yeah, Lone Star and John Sayles truly rock. I don't know whether DMCA prohibits this, but I'd like to, right now and right here, recommend Mike Leigh's _Naked_ to you.

Posted by Kevan at Tue Aug 03 2004 05:31

Radio 4 had a chap being interviewed about self-cleaning titanium-dioxide windows, the other week - he was asked if self-cleaning clothes would ever be possible using the same technology, and his explanation of why they wouldn't work fitted *exactly* with the thing that happened at the end of The Man in the White Suit.

And I thoroughly second Naked, if you're taking recommendations. Excellent dialogue.

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