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[Comments] (4) Yesterday: Date with Sumana along Valencia yesterday evening. Bookstores: bought used Iain Pears, which so far reads like a less clever Quicksilver. Bombay Creamery: ginger ice cream is good, saffron pistachio ice cream is better. Pirate store: fun! Secret code: bring almonds to the girl behind the counter; she loves almonds. Addams Family-esque garden supply/taxidermy store next to the pirate store, and from which the pirate store seems to have acquired some of their merchandise: not as fun, but okay. They sold largeish test tubes, which I would turn into a spice rack if I wanted a cool-looking spice rack that was hard to use. BART back home: comfortable.

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Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 04 2004 15:35

Wow, sounds like fun. That saffron-pistachio sounds delish!

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 04 2004 17:23

I'm wild about ginger ice cream myself. It's hard to find.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 04 2004 18:38

The next time you come up we will go to Bombay and pig out. Or I could probably make some.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Thu Aug 05 2004 04:16

Mmmmmm, that ice cream is so great.

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