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[Comments] (6) Games You Already Have Roundup III: The Search For Puzzle Games: Tonight we have puzzle games, both those correctly categorized and the refugees from yesterday. This elusive category contains some of my favorite games and some of my least favorite. And now, the games. What inspiration will the challenger bring?

Bonus: I should have reviewed these yesterday, but they were classified as puzzle games even though by the standards set out yesterday they're board games, so I missed them.

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Posted by George Gesslein II at Wed Aug 11 2004 00:01

Excellent review! A lot of work...I mean play went into that!

Posted by Adam P. at Wed Aug 11 2004 09:59

"Ethnography"? It's almost entirely composed of the eight most frequent English letters [etaoinshr]. (Plus, once you've guessed [ethn], the rest should be pretty easy to figure out.) Now if you can win with "pygmy cub" or something, that is a different matter.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Aug 11 2004 11:04

Best hangman word: "wax."

Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 11 2004 11:04

OK, "even on words like 'ethnography'" doesn't make sense. But my larger point (that Hangman inquisitors often mistake long words for hard words) stands.

Posted by Adam P. at Thu Aug 12 2004 10:35

Agreed, definitely.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Aug 26 2004 21:15

I used to get slaughtered with "quiz".

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