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[Comments] (8) Pope remains in custody: I dreamed about RSS feeds and woke up too early, and got Dog Bites Dog running against a source of non-offbeat news. I'm debating whether to leave it up because it turns out shuffling is a headline mood multiplier: it makes "funny" headlines actually funny, but it makes depressing headlines really depressing ("Powell says US Jailed for Lying", "Life Won't Be Freed").

There are some good ones, though, like "Flying ants End Airbus Subsidies", "Ruling Resigns, Admits Gay Affair", and "Category 4 Charley Raises $2.4 Million Near Seattle". In recognition of this, I decided to just get it to not use the most morbid headline fragments. See what I've done? I'm already making the compromises that result in offbeat news in the first place.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sat Aug 14 2004 17:24

I just got "Peace Talks attack".

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sun Aug 15 2004 14:30

# Greek Symbols faces recall vote
# Iraq's Najaf celebrates WWII allied invasion of southern France

Posted by Linda, get me off this bandwagon! at Mon Aug 16 2004 09:29

# Russian Survives Recall Vote
# Your Golf Dispatched to Calm Violence

Posted by Kevan at Mon Aug 16 2004 10:13

# Israeli Helicopters 'Wrong Fight' for Democrats
# Ministers Rule

Excellent work.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Aug 16 2004 21:43

# Combat robots Can Hit Anywhere in Israel
# New Flightless Bird Species make emergency landings

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Aug 18 2004 22:27

# Headless body in shark diagnosed with prostate cancer

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