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[Comments] (2) Ultimate Chowdah: I made this out of Planet Organic leftovers that I've been too lazy to cook the past few weeks. It is delicious (there is a huge amount left). Sumana says "It's the best chowdah I've ever had." I think it is too.



Put everything except the leeks and the cream in a pot and start a-simmerin'. Saute the leeks in butter and put them in the pot. Once the potatoes and the corn are cooked (maybe 30 minutes), mash the soup with a potato masher. If you want, blend it a little with a stick blender. At the last minute, stir in the cream to turn it into a chowdah.

This is the only recipe I know of that is both a potato-leek soup and a potato-corn chowdah. That's right, it's two soups in one. Step right up!

PS about stick blenders: they cost about $30 except for one particular brand (I forget which) that costs $10. It's not worth $30 to have one but I think it is worth $10. So get the cheap one. It is useful for: soups, whipping cream, light drink-mixing duty.

PPS: Susanna, I made your ninety-minute rolls this morning and they were so good that I made another batch in the evening.

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Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 16 2004 13:20

That is the dough I used to make my Bacon Ranch Bread Bites. Yummy rolls. We got one of those blenders for our wedding and John insisted we keep it, for which I'm glad. Also useful for chopping up nuts, or mixing a nut-containing sauce, such as coconut cashew curry.

Posted by John at Mon Aug 16 2004 14:15

Note to my wife: You should make this for me!!!

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