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[Comments] (7) User Stories: Explain to me why, outside of a puzzle, someone would boil eggs and then not use them and instead put them back in the fridge and somehow get them confused with non-boiled eggs and need a way of distinguishing boiled from non-. Who needs to stock up on hard-boiled eggs days in advance?

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Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Wed Aug 25 2004 14:44

My mom boils and then chills eggs whenever she makes potato salad, but she never puts the boiled eggs back in the carton, that'd just be silly.

Posted by rachel at Wed Aug 25 2004 15:01

I usually mark them or put them at another end of the carton if there are lots of spaces. It's easier, if you're going to eat an egg a day for a few days, to boil them all at once.

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 25 2004 15:21

People who eat an egg every day for lunch, that's who. Of course, SOME people boil them and put them back and forget they are in there....

Posted by Dean Kusler at Wed Aug 25 2004 15:21

Another scenario: the sell-by date on the carton is getting close, so you boil the eggs and put them back in the fridge in the hope that they'll stay good longer.
I'd probably go ahead and take the shells off and put 'em in a tupperware, though, so getting mixed up with fresh eggs wouldn't be a problem.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Wed Aug 25 2004 15:52

I do this all the time. Boiled eggs make very easy snacks, and they come with their own disposable packaging. And egg cartons remain excellent egg-holding containers, so why wouldn't I leave them in the carton?

When I forget which egg is boiled, which is not entirely uncommon, I always use the spinning trick. Boiled eggs spin well, unboiled do not (which makes sense in terms of physics).

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 25 2004 17:58

We sometimes boil lots of eggs at once to use in egg salad, but the one time I didn't make egg salad from them right away, I left them in the bowl I was cooling them in.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Aug 25 2004 18:54

Boiled eggs do in fact keep longer, and will last a decent amount of time without refrigeration provided you don't crack them. They make good camping food, for example.

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