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[Comments] (3) Software Endorsement: If you're writing a database application in Python and you need a object-relational mapping (ie if you're writing a nontrivial database application in Python), I recommend SQLObject, written by NYCB reader Ian Bicking. I tried most of the ones on this list and SQLObject was the least frustrating of the lot. NOW YOU KNOW.

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Posted by Ian Bicking at Mon Sep 06 2004 13:34

Least frustrating! Woohoo! ;)

Posted by Leonard at Mon Sep 06 2004 23:41

I meant that to be more of a compliment than it turned out to sound. :) Really 'not that frustrating' is the best you can reasonably expect for such a general tool.

Do you have any experience using SQLObject to send non-ASCII strings? I had to hack eg. DBConnection a lot to get it to kind of work with Unicode/UTF-8, and then I decided it wasn't worth it.

Posted by Brian Serviss at Wed Sep 08 2004 17:35

I use mysql-python ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python )

for my MySQL needs. In using it you have to get a connections to the database, create a cursor, execute a query, and fetch the results. Pretty straight forward.
I looked at SQLObject and ezSQLObject and thought the overhead in connections and processing wasn't worth the ease of use.

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