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[Comments] (4) The party! It's ruined!: Who knows why it took me so long to come up with this, but I finally did last night while talking to Sumana (who is coming home tomorrow). Continuing my love of randomly generated entertainment, Dadasaurus Rex does for Dinosaur Comics what Dada Pokey did for Pokey the Penguin (or, to look at it another way, what Pokey the Penguin did for itself). Every minute it puts together a new comic using the hard-to-install-on-non-Debian-systems but wonderful Python Imaging Library.

Eventually this system will expand to consume Dada Pokey and its spin-offs, and I'll also add a Five-Card Nancy style game and more different webcomics, and everything will be happy because I'll have finally gotten rid of that horrible 1998 Dada Pokey code. For now, at least most is happy; love those comics!

Update: in personal communication, Ryan North says Dadasaurus Rex is "FANTASTIC".

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Posted by Sumana at Thu Sep 09 2004 05:38

I salute you from across the Pacific! *salute*

What does Ryan North think? I can't access his LiveJournal or any other from this free internet kiosk in the Seoul (Incheon) airport. I find myself agreeing with the administrators' decision in this regard. Because I'm bigoted.

Posted by Gary Benson at Thu Sep 09 2004 08:46

I love PIL

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Sep 09 2004 23:41

Man! I actually have need of image processing like that, soon. If Python makes it that simple, I'm all up ons!

Posted by Brendan at Fri Sep 10 2004 16:01

Python makes everything that simple. That's how they get you.

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