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[Comments] (4) Funeral: Johnny Cash played at my grandfather's funeral (in the form of the "My Mother's Hymn Book" CD), leading me to declare that I want Johnny Cash at my funeral too. No one else seemed to appreciate this; Sumana says she will ensure that only the really silly Johnny Cash songs are played at my funeral, like "Chicken in Black" and "Sam Hall".

I read the eulogy, and everyone said I did great, but I just tried to make eye contact instead of just reading off the paper.

In addition to the eulogy, the Californian ran a news piece on my grandfather.


Posted by Sumana at Sun Sep 12 2004 19:20


Leonard and I clarified. The "silly Johnny Cash songs" comment was just a suggestion. I had to clarify, otherwise 90 years from now I have to actually do it.

Posted by George Gesslein II at Sun Sep 12 2004 22:28

I have gone to far too many funerals, recently.
All the good people are gone.
I don't care about what is left dying on me,
but I am sure I will have to go to their funerals, too.

Posted by Brendan at Sun Sep 12 2004 22:32

For the record, "Chicken In Black" is more frequently entitled "The Baron." I learned this, uselessly, while trying (to no avail) to find any album containing that song in Amoeba Records, so I could buy it for you, when I was visiting and went to Berkeley.

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 13 2004 11:29

You aren't the only people that appreciated it!

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