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[Comments] (3) Apology: Oh yeah, I've been meaning for a while to publicly apologize to Taina Prusti, Jarno's girlfriend wife, for consistently calling her "Prusti" the whole time we were all together in Europe, and then afterwards on this very website. When Jarno introduced me to her, all I heard was her surname. She probably thought I operated under some weird American notion of chivalry. In my defense, I thought and still think "Prusti" is a great first name for a woman.

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Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Sat Sep 25 2004 13:26

Heh. I think it has been harder for you than for Taina or me. But she really does like her surname; we got married few months ago and she kept her surname (I kept mine too). :-)

Posted by Leonard at Sat Sep 25 2004 13:36

You got married? Congratulations! Now I got another thing about her wrong!

Posted by Susie at Sat Sep 25 2004 23:48

If I were zapped with a polymorph wand I would be a little dog. It also gave me the option of being an acid blob! Ack!

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