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[Comments] (2) How do they cram all that hologram?: I read The Physics of Star Trek, which is actually a low-level primer on modern physics with Trek references interspersed, which is fine with me. Anyway there's a section on holograms and how they work, and I was reminded of a while ago when Kris complained about not being able to buy a full-color hologram. Well, I'm here to tell him he can buy a little dinky hologram for $99, or a larger one for $149, at the CafePress of holograms.

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Posted by Seth Schoen at Sun Sep 26 2004 23:19

... or you can go back in time to the 1970s, when the EFF office was a holography company and a holography museum! (Apparently Shotwell Street was quite a hotbed of holography in those days; a search for "shotwell street hologram OR holography" revealed a company, museum, school, and a holographer's house. It seems that the classic hologram "The Kiss" was made right here in the Mission!)

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Sep 28 2004 17:28

I wanted to see one in a museum or something. But at least now I know if I need one, I can get one.

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