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You'll Never Drink Your Coffee In This Town Again: This Salon article lures you in with a teaser about the man who was the inspiration for The Dude from The Big Lebowski, then springs this on you:

True to legend, The Dude is warm and weird and possibly half-crazy, and he loudly promotes films that he's passionate about.

Huh. I don't remember that. [Googles for script] Ah, here we go.


Walter, I sincerely believe this could be the most groundbreaking short film of the twentieth century. I am truly excited about this project.


Dude, your level of excitement is not the issue here.


All I need is thirty thousand dollars. If I don't come up with it by Monday, they're going to kill this project!


"They're going to kill this project! They're going to kill this project!"


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