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[Comments] (5) People Named After Programming Languages: A couple weeks ago Sumana and I went to lunch with Rachel Chalmers and Jeremey Fitzhardinge. Their daughter is named Claire, and Rachel mentioned how they were jealous of Ada Norton for having been named after the same name as a programming language. But then they found out there's a programming language named Claire, which satisfied their child-naming programming language lust.

That made me curious as to what other programming language names you could give a kid. Despite (or perhaps because of) my own better judgement I am limiting the list to reasonable names and avoiding names like "Bullfrog" that I like, and individual people might like, but that a couple would never agree on.

Girls' names: Ada, Alice, Alma, April, Aura, Bliss, Charity, Claire, Eleya, Ember, Emerald, Envy, Euphoria, Ewe, Friend (if you're a Puritan), Glee, Godiva, Hope, Io, Ivy, Jade, Joy, Juliet, Lakota, Leta, Libra, Lua, Maple, Mary, Maude, Mila, Miranda, Muriel, Onyx, Pandora, Pe[a]rl, Ruby, Sally, Theta.

Boys' names: Ace, Al, Alan, Alf, Alvyn, Bob, Cecil, Chuck, Crow, Darwin, Dino, Dylan, Euclid, Heron, Hugo, Igor, Kermit (not really a programing language, but it's got an embedded scripting language), Kid, Mercury, Oberon, Occam, Pascal, Peter, Pike, Rene, Rex[x], Slate, Saul, Tom, Yorick, Zeno.

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Posted by Seth Schoen at Tue Oct 12 2004 04:02

Your list is doubtless very useful, but it seems to me that Ada was named after a person after whom a programming language was also named.

Maybe people with a plain (voluntarily simple) lifestyle would go for naming a boy "Basic".

I know someone named C -- at least, that's what his web page says...

Posted by Jason Robbins at Tue Oct 12 2004 18:23

Forth or Java could be a good middle name.

The name emily is pretty close to ML.

"C" could cetainly be a middle initial, and a lot of people have middle initials with no middle name.

I am waiting for parents to give their children hex handles.

Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 12 2004 20:29

We have a niece named Ember, but her dad is a firefighter, not a programmer.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 13 2004 10:41

I guess if Ada had been named after the programming language the gestation period would have been much longer.

I've always thought Simula would be a great name for a girl, but I also think that's in Bullfrog territory.

Posted by Alan Green at Wed Oct 13 2004 19:47

A friend is married to an accountant named Ada (or as I say, "Adder"). I think it's very funny, but he doesn't.

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