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[Comments] (3) Frog Blog Demon Dog: Ever since Sumana first said "frog blog", people have continued to create weblogs called "frog blog". Recently we saw a frog blog that starred Demon Dog! Only they call him the Quiet Coyote, and his job is not to show up and commiserate with you when you are bored or annoyed, but to show up and silently express his Puritan disapproval of your noisiness. He is quiet; why can't you be?

Maybe Demon Dog is Quiet Coyote's evil brother. Or I could see them in an Odd Couple type matchup.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Oct 21 2004 02:30

I'll have you two charlatans hung from the highest yard-arm for this! My childhood shadow-puppet friend the Dashing Dingo holds prior art by his very existence!

Posted by Kevan at Thu Oct 21 2004 04:48

Aha, this puts the Quietly Lying Doggo into a new yet still misunderstanding-for-comic-effect perspective.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 21 2004 15:27


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