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[Comments] (3) : In a follow-up to yesterday's deadly revelation[0] on the post-campaign fate of the code I wrote for the Clark campaign, today I found out from Sumana that the Kerry campaign is using a hacked version of my eBlocks software for distributed phone banking. I'd talked to some Senate campaigns and state parties about it over the months, but this is the first time I've seen it in use. Even more neat!

[0] Okay, so it wasn't deadly. What of it? I thought you liked sensationalism! At least that's what I heard from your ALIEN LOVE SLAVE!

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Posted by Jack masters at Thu Oct 28 2004 02:01

I found one of those google meme thingy things

Only not really I guess, but it's in that vein


Posted by Jack masters at Thu Oct 28 2004 02:03


here's a slight improvement

Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 28 2004 14:13

Let's hope the Bush campaign isn't using you software for their eville ways!

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