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[Comments] (4) Category Non-Error: Man, it's nice to post without having to check to see if I can post today. (By the way, has anyone figured out what I was doing? Hint: I'm way too proud of it and it wasn't worth the planning it took.) Anyway, today I take finger to keyboard to praise a new NewsBruiser feature to which I gave short shrift in the actual release.

The feature was written as part of the del.icio.us integration (thus the shortness of the shrift), but you can use it standalone. Instead of selecting categories from a list you can just type in their names. Categories that don't exist get created. It's so easy to use, no wonder it's #1 (for del.icio.us interfaces). If I didn't have so much invested in my baroque system of long category names, I'd start using it for NYCB. I may do so anyway. I'm a loose cannon, Richardson! Turn in my badge!

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Posted by Mark at Thu Oct 28 2004 19:33

It's an elaborate, diabolical game of Petals Around The 13th!

Incidentally, I'd never noticed the little bars beside the day numbers before. Quite slick.

Posted by Andy H. at Fri Oct 29 2004 06:11

It seems to have had something to do with stripes on the calendar...

Posted by Andy H. at Fri Oct 29 2004 06:13


It says 'Hi', doesn't it?


Posted by Leonard at Fri Oct 29 2004 11:39

You win!

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