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[Comments] (4) : Here are some fun Nethack patches, including the obsessive-compulsive photography patch and the awesome, but could be more awesome, pirate patch.

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Posted by Kevan at Mon Nov 01 2004 09:56

Can you wear two pirate patches to activate ESP?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 01 2004 10:21

That's exactly the sort of thing it's missing. But I fell in love with it when I saw:

+ if(Role_if(PM_PIRATE) && !strcmp(verb,"are")) {
+ Strcpy(buf,"be");
+ return buf;
+ }

Posted by pedro at Mon Nov 01 2004 14:13

So like... where is the robotfindskitten nethack patch?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 01 2004 15:36

I remember some people talking about making an rfk level, a bigroom with 10 or 20 NKI objects (fortune cookie messages, I guess) and one statue of a tame kitten. The hard part would be creating the logic of the non-kitten item. I could do it if I still knew C.

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