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: There must be a better game to play with these dictator cards than the morbid-yet-milquetoast War variant suggested, though I guess War is thematically appropriate.

[Comments] (14) Leonard's White Chocolate Vendetta #2: Finally, a use for white chocolate: Reverse chocolate chip cookies! Instead of pretending that white chocolate is chocolate, that it can be substituted for chocolate, or that it has special properties of its own and should be addressed as its own ingredient, it recognizes that white chocolate is the absence of chocolate, and treats it accordingly. And wouldn't you know but the result is pretty good. I can't help but think the result would be better (modulo the really quite nice visual) with real chocolate, though. That's the tragedy of white chocolate. If you do come up with a good recipe containing this ersatz chocolate, a better recipe is as close as using real chocolate instead.


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