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[Comments] (4) : It wasn't intended to be, but HTMLer almost makes a good double feature with Beautiful Soup. The one creates bad HTML and the other parses bad HTML. Only problem is its idea of 'bad' HTML is HTML with lots of hexadecimal junk in it, instead of just being poorly formed. Is there anything that generates bad HTML a person might create instead of bad HTML that tries to find buffer overflows?

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Posted by Brendan at Wed Nov 03 2004 20:55


Posted by Leonard at Wed Nov 03 2004 23:16

He's here all week, folks!

Posted by Mark at Thu Nov 04 2004 09:58

If Frontpage isn't bad enough, what about Word or Powerpoint? I don't know whether I'll get away with this A tag, but you can get charmingly named tools specifically to fix up the tortured HTML they crap out. The Office 97 versions would probably be the best (worst?) for this.

Posted by Kevan at Thu Nov 04 2004 10:02


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