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[Comments] (7) : Because Sumana wanted them, I am putting up a directory of cute animal pictures I've acquired over the years. I was going to try to hack on Nethack tonight, but it turns out people got invited over to my house so I'm making dinner instead. At least I'm finally making those rotten bananas into banana bread.


Posted by Ian Bicking at Thu Nov 04 2004 23:23

That's not very many cute animals. You need more. Then you need to integrate them into nethack somehow.

In one of the GUI versions of nethack, instead of searching around for portaits of monsters, given portraits you should create monsters. Like Elephants that suckle on anything they can find, including the HUMAN BLOOD POURING FROM YOUR NECK WHERE YOUR HEAD ONCE WAS! Or a hippo that is looking for prey that it can wound, then let her young finish them off, learning important HUMAN KILLING SKILLS in the process.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Nov 05 2004 09:59

An elephant that never forgets... to kill!

Posted by Alyson at Fri Nov 05 2004 19:51

I have a lovely banana cake recipe. If you hound me, I will give it to you.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Nov 05 2004 20:07

The cutiest is the baby panda

Posted by Frances at Fri Nov 05 2004 23:26

I think the baby penguin is cutest. I have a nice banana cake recipe too--banana yogurt cake. Actually the recipe calls for sour cream but I have always used yogurt.

Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 05 2004 23:51

You can put rotten bananas in the freezer. You can just through them in there, but last time I mashed mine up and pour a layer of lemon juice over them in the tupperware. That way I could cut out the really bad parts ahead of time.

Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 06 2004 11:29

I'm afraid the baby penguin wins.

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