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[Comments] (4) Cheese: Trader Joe's has a great cheese for relatively cheap. It's Brie made from goat's milk. It's great on bread because it has more flavor than regular Brie. Just thought you might like to know.

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Posted by Rachel at Sun Nov 07 2004 13:47

I second that! Yum, I wish I had some right now.

I also like the Parmagio or whatever it is from trader joes, which is very flavorful on english muffin pizzas or other things you otherwise would use cheddar or mozerella.

Posted by Frances at Sun Nov 07 2004 15:50

When the Brie from Albertson's that is in the fridge has been eaten, we can go get some goat.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Nov 07 2004 16:58

blah brie from albertson's

*is a cheese snob*

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 08 2004 10:39

There's nothing wrong with brie from Albertson's. Except it's not made from goat milk.

Are you thinking of Parrano? I love that.

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