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[Comments] (4) Best Company Names: My pick: Spectrum Holobyte. No name does a better job connoting both "It's the future" and "It's the 80s". Which names do you like?


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Nov 15 2004 20:59

My vote goes to US Robotics, for making every user feel safe in the knowledge that the Three Laws Of Modems will keep them safe... until they spot the Canadian flag label!

Although Sierra Online gets a place of honor for originally being named just "On-Line!" complete wth punctuation.

Posted by Joe Grossberg at Mon Nov 15 2004 21:12

I once worked for Vir2L Technologies.

Pronounced "virtual"; spelled like a goddamn boy band.

Best team of web designers I've ever seen, though.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Mon Nov 15 2004 22:01

I'm fond of any number of the internet startup-like companies whose names had to end with "-ent," like Sapient or Gradient or Equigent. They have this air of "supposed to mean something, but don't."

Posted by uncle pedro at Tue Nov 16 2004 09:18

My vote goes to Tastytronic Industries, Inc. Nothing says "hot dogs" and "PCBs" like Tastytronic. I liked it so much, I bought the company!

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