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[Comments] (4) : I went to Riana's birthday party yesterday and made her the previously mentioned pirate cake, just to prove it could be done. We burned the cake and it turned out all right, though I should have used whole milk instead of skim in the cake recipe.

To increase the interactivity of this site I have provided an interaction for you. If you didn't go to Riana's party, never fear. You can digitally insert your mug shot into one of the pictures, with only marginally less effort than it would take to insert your mug shot into any other picture.

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Posted by Riana at Sun Nov 21 2004 22:50

That was seriously the coolest birthday gift ever, as my reaction shot attests. Thanks again!

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 21 2004 23:13

I liked that cake. When you said you burned it, I was afraid the sails had caught fire!

Posted by Riana at Mon Nov 22 2004 02:32

We set the sails on fire on purpose!

Posted by Sara at Mon Nov 22 2004 22:16

I think that's just about the coolest cake ever.

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