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[Comments] (2) : I, Monster is a fox-and-geese game in roguelike garb, where you control the monsters going after an adventurer and his dog. Unfortunately you're pretty badly outgunned and always lose, which I suppose is the point. Double-bill with What Fools These Mortals for a roguelike-alternate-perspective gamefest. All that's missing now is a capitalism simulator where you run a Nethack shop.


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Nov 24 2004 14:27

(q) a shipment of small mimics. --more--

Posted by Zak Arntson at Wed Nov 24 2004 15:40

Instead of Rogue -> Diablo, we're getting Dungeon Keeper -> I, Monster? I dig it, except I can't run it. I have to port this to Windows or write a pdcurses wrapper or something. I'll just trust that I, Monster is awesome.

Don't forget the maintenance crew simulator. Resetting traps, locking doors, scrambling to make new dungeons when the up and down stairs are too close together ...

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