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[Comments] (3) Public Service Announcement: On behalf of Kevin. Attention, West Coast and chain restaurants! We know you think you know the recipe for biscuit gravy. You think it goes like this:

  1. Make white sauce
  2. Fry some crappy sausage
  3. Put some crumbled sausage in the white sauce

Unfortunately white sauce is not biscuit gravy. White sauce is made from butter, and biscuit gravy is made from sausage grease, verily, the same sausage grease you created while frying the crappy sausage and then dumped into the grease pan or whatever happens to grease in restaurants. Contrary to popular opinion it is not neccessary to be a lovable Southern stereotype to make good biscuits and gravy. It is simply neccessary to not start off with a dang white sauce.

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Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 29 2004 15:00

Places that produce sausage grease, at least the ones I've worked in, have a giant dumpster-like bin for grease. It is by far the nastiest, most detested job possible to move said grease across the kitchen, outside, down icy steps and driveway in the snow in your little cafeteria uniform to dump out the grease. I would much prefer it were used to make gravy. I believe our sausage gravy came from a package. I only made other types of gravy (from ruex).

Posted by Yankee at Mon Nov 29 2004 20:40

Biscuits and gravy! Disgusting!

Posted by Tony Steidler-Dennison at Tue Nov 30 2004 09:29

Nothing quite touches *real* southern biscuits and gravy like, say, any restaurant in Little Rock. Hell, even the chain restaurants did it right. Part of the attraction of good biscuits and gravy is the sheer decadence, the attitude of blissful indifference; audibly clogging the arteries and still thinking "ahhh, f--k it."

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