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[Comments] (5) Word Of The Day: "Timepass". One of India's most recent contributions to the English language. It seems to mean "the ability to distract you enjoyably but without making you accomplish anything", as with Tetris. It's all over the place but I saw it in an ad for an Indian movie that claimed to be "Full of family timepass" and also "A laugh-packed rib-tickler". You can tell it's a rib-tickler because it features the only comedic actor in all of Bollywood, making faces of surprise. You know who I mean. The chubby guy.

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Posted by unclepedro at Mon Nov 29 2004 15:50

'timepass' seems remarkably similar to 'pastime'... or is that the joke?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 29 2004 15:56

They are similar but not the same. Pastime is an activity you might do regularly to pass the time. Timepass is the quality such an activity probably has.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Nov 29 2004 16:37

This pastime has insufficient timepass!

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Dec 01 2004 14:54

I love the phrase "full of family timepass." To me it is not exactly a glowing review, as staring at the ground is also chock-full of timepass, depending on how diligent you are about it.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Dec 01 2004 15:10

It wasn't even a review. It was *in the trailer*.

Thanks for that traffic map, BTW.

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