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[Comments] (3) Vaguely Remembered Mashed Sweet Potatoes: I guess I should post this since I already got a request for it. This is the recipe for mashed sweet potatoes mentioned in the Salon article. It's based on an ATK recipe but the requestor couldn't find the recipe on the ATK site for whatever reason, and mine's a little different anyway. It's really simple, so here it is in 1-2-3-4 form:

Dump everything in a pot. Cover and cook for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Mash and serve with pepper.

I have a nonstick pot, so even though I was lazy about stirring and some of the potato slices got burned on the surface, it just enhanced the flavor with Maillard reaction products. Laziness wins again!

I remember the ATK recipe using white sugar instead of brown. I'm sure they tested it both ways but using white sugar with sweet potatoes just seems wrong to me.

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Posted by Riana at Thu Dec 02 2004 20:28

I made my usual sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, which entails microwaving them for however long the "POTATO" setting on our microwave is, then mashing them up and adding in cinnamon. I forgot to add brown sugar as well! (I agree about white vs. brown sugar with sweet potatoes.) This year, I managed to dump in about ten times as much cinnamon as I meant to (always measure into a separate container, Riana, duh!). This meant that I and my uncle who will eat anything were the only ones partaking of the sweet potatoes at dinner. Sigh.

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 02 2004 20:50

John cooked some potatoes for dinner and they were slightly burnt. Yum! The laziness technique also works well with zucchini and okra.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Dec 03 2004 08:48

Yummers, I'll have to try this recipe. Atticus has sworn off sweet potatoes in favor of regular "white potatoes," as he says. I am determined to change his mind, though.

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