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[Comments] (4) Booze: Some people bring over a bottle of wine as a gift when they come to my place for dinner. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't drink wine and I don't do enough deglazing to be able to use it up as fast as I get it. I've got five bottles of wine now. So I humbly ask you to, when coming over, in lieu of wine bring payment in South African Krugerrands. Or, if you must bring booze, bring a little bottle of some weird liqueur so I can make some bizarre Bananas Foster dish or something. My cupboard will thank you.

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Posted by Ian Bicking at Mon Dec 06 2004 01:04

I'm always fearing I'll give someone wine that they've given me, though I suspect most wouldn't notice. Am I a bad person to recycle wine this way?

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 06 2004 10:17

No. Wine gets better as it gets older, you know. You're really giving them a better gift. You could always put a little label in your cupboard and write down who gave you what.

Posted by Frances at Mon Dec 06 2004 12:55

Sez the girl who is trying to sell her recycled wedding gifts at the garage sale.

Posted by jacob berendes at Tue Dec 07 2004 19:08

explicitly asking for hard liquor is a really good zone. whether you drink it or not, it really sets up the night as "the real deal". "come to leonardr's for aperitifs. don't bring any of that wine bullshit. scotch."

and in the words of the poet dracula, "i never drink... wine".

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