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[Comments] (3) You May End Your Turn Early!: The supermarket is selling gift cards (I guess this is the most generic gift idea ever.) and advertising them in the checkout lanes. In big letters where other advertising campaigns would have some catchy slogan, this advertising campaign boldly announces "Cards Have No Value Until Activated". I guess to keep people from swiping them, but it makes me wonder if that's a selling point to someone. "I don't know anything about you, but everyone has to eat food, so here you go. Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you realize that this sucker has been activated?!"


Posted by Frances at Mon Dec 06 2004 21:28

Your dad used to get a grocery gift certificate from MAP every holiday season (before gift cards were invented.) I thought it was nice of them. Apparently it devolves from an old tradition that an employer would provide every worker with a Thanksgiving turkey. A gift certificate is easier to give out and to receive than a turkey--they don't rot.

Scrooge should have bought Cratchitt a Christmas goose.

Posted by Susie at Tue Dec 07 2004 10:24

We sent out turkey gift certificates to our out of state employees that couldn't pick up a turkey. Then we sent "Smith's" gift cards to the Salt Lake employees, because we forgot to order turkey gift certificates for them.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Dec 07 2004 10:38

So what I'm hearing is that a grocery store card is appropriate in lieu of a specific item from the grocery store.

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