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[Comments] (2) : Doin' okay, even though I'm sick. I'm making slow but steady progress on my short story, and my Christmas presents are almost finished.

When I read stories in which the characters have software companies (which is not that often) I wonder why the author doesn't just start that software company themselves if it's such a great idea. I hoped I'd get insight into the question with the company in my story, but I honestly don't know why I don't start it myself; it seems like there's about a five-year window coming up where it'd be pretty profitable. Maybe there's not as much of a market for the product in the real world. Also, as we've established, I'm just not a company-starter, which is a shame as I've decided that's the only way to really get rich.

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Posted by John at Tue Dec 07 2004 23:46

I hear you. Though it really does take the entrepreneurial spirit to get rich, it's just too risky for me when I'll have a family to provide for. Almost done Christmas shopping huh? Calling all Richardsons to email me your Susie gifts so we can coordinate and she doesn't end up with 10 pairs of slippers. Get well soon.

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 09 2004 00:02

I wouldn't mind getting 10 pairs of slippers!

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